Shrouded in Mystery

Geschrieben von: Claudio Landerer
Samstag, den 15. August 2009 um 17:01 Uhr

  1. all my efforts
  2. a common day
  3. warcry
  4. soulless
  5. fears corrode
  6. centuries of devastation
  7. shrouded in mystery
  8. fragmentary reality
  9. bloodlust



set the sails and put to sea | side by side into battle | time has come for the immortal one | to guide and protect us all | die erde ist blutgetränkt leichenberge soweit das auge reicht und mit den toten leibern fällt die ehre | cause we fight for our god | and in our god we trust | we fight a holy war | an endless war for us all | there is blood on the swords | and the screams of the hordes | raise the fists to the sky | now it’s time to die | just to satisfy our bloodlust

fragmentary reality

so don’t let them to make the same mistake it’s time for the old to forsake | so tell me the truth if you can haven’t you seen it yet | there are still questions never being answered how could this be done | it’s a measure no one’s able to put right but I know you always tried | all the things follow an exact schedule | fragmentary the reality comes up to the surface | the hidden truths drag out into the open | the illness in the detail begins to break out | the fraudulence on the masses loses its effect | it’s everywhere and all the time you have just to open your eyes | many tried to explore but there is nothing thousands died mothers lost their children | it’s not the true real reason we are fighting for it’s a fake you missed to cease | once again I feel it inside of me | once again something will happen | the faceless society believed in your fairytales | but you couldn’t stand the lack of moderation | the lines of your reigning period are written in blood | incapability awakes from incantation


the next work is done | this was not number one | now the mind is satisfied | another innocent soul has died | with time comes over the desire | to strangulate one with a wire | some like to call me the waste of mankind | I deliver them from their sad existence | some say I should better be unborn | I’m just the reflection of you | at night I lie awake in my bed | before my eyes the faces of the dead | sometimes the fears are hunting me | that no one is able to stop me | can not explain the reasons | for all the voices in my head | they guide me and command me | all the things you cant imagine | to slice up the body into pieces | but it’s not an act of malice

centuries of devastation

there are so many impressions you can’t digest | it’s impossible to find a beginning for a change | unintelligible is the lack of moral | esteem is getting a foreign word | you have just to open your eyes | and take a look what our world has become | terror seems to be a legal way | that religion offers as solution | the world is upside down | we try to clutch at a straw | don’t get caught by the false prophets | they will try to break your will | they promise you a better world | and try to make you kill | since centuries the devastation of religion | Is writing stories in our book’s of history | just like a tiny bloody red thread | that connects every single events | some have to fight against their own creation | but what’s the reason for this endless hate | who has a finger in every pie | its all about money and might| why isn’t it possible to be satisfied with the little things


remember from where you are | be gird for the last battle | remember why you are here | you will pay for your blame | step by step and side by side | don’t be afraid he’s on our side | so raise your sword up high and fight against the world wide lie | I can’t take the world for my own | you can’t take the world for your own | it is our fortune we can’t deny | come to me I’m in full cry | so don’t try to hide | coming for your soul | paying for your blame | and feel the pain | we are yearning to end the war our aim is gained | and see their bodies burn | just waiting for the crack of dawn | before we start to crush the spawn | the white snow is dark stained | and soaked from all the liars blood | hear the war cries in the night | will there ever be a light | Saddle your horses and be aware | prepare for the day you die

a common day

not always the same | but something similar | don’t know when it’s coming | don’t know when it’s going | everything you do and try | in the end for you a lie | close your eyes and think about | all that remains is doubt | oh your falling down | down to the ground | take care that no | no one treads on you | I see you falling down | hope it’s getting over | the strong feeling inside | that something has to happen | that something has to change | there is no escape route | not either a place to hide | slowly it racks your brain | and makes you insane

all my efforts

the batteries are low | and soon they will be empty | cause you need all my power | and I feel I got devoured | I will not give up myself | I will not let my life for you | these were all my efforts | I can give no more | I am nailed to the wall | In your treasury hall | all my efforts | Now it’s time we have to part | and walk our way alone | for so many years | you’ve been my companion | you will not reject me anymore | you will not be a nail in my coffin | you see I’m not the one | and to you I don’t belong | these were all mine | I can’t give no more

shrouded in mystery

I’m standing on a crossroad | there are only two paths left to choose | the insecurity that pushes me | to make my final decision | nearly no night I can fall asleep | doubts gnaw at my soul | for so long now it buzzes in my mind | but now it’s the lack of time | to define my development line | one thing is sure nothing is secure| I came to the point where no one can help me now | I have to do it for myself | but even if it’s as clear as it seems | the whole affair is shrouded in mystery | I’m standing on a crossroad | there is only one path left to choose | I can not make a mistake | cause I’m the one that decides | and when I open my eyes | everything is not as bad as all that

fears corrode

they are inside of everyone of us | even if you argue not knowing them | some you know and you’re aware of it | but other ones are deep inside of you | they hunt you for the rest of your life | and they will never let you loose | all decision are influenced by them | every deed arouses new ones | so don’t be afraid little child | it’s the only way to survive | fears corrode | these are the fears that let us corrode | that hollow us and let us freeze | these are the fears that make us dumb | and evoke our negative reflections | don’t allow them to lead your action | use them for your advantage | otherwise they will destroy you | like they did with many before | there are thousands of reasons why they get evoked | however it’s hard to get rid of them | things that don’t kill you make you harder | even the salvation makes you shiver | be brave and be strong | don’t take care of others

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